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Cervical dysplasia is a condition of abnormal changes in cells in the cervix (cervix). Dysplasia itself means abnormal cell and tissue development, but not cancer. This condition is generally known when a woman has a Pap smear. In this condition, healthy cells in the cervix appear to have experienced some abnormal changes. These abnormal cells are not cancerous, but can develop into cancer if not treated as early as possible. Cervical dysplasia is often found in women in the age range of 25 to 35 years. Caused by HPV Virus Generally, the cause of cervical dysplasia is infection with the Human papillomavirus (HPV) virus that enters the body. HPV infection can be transmitted through sexual contact, including anal sex and oral sex. In addition, women smokers are more prone to develop cervical dysplasia into a more severe condition, due to the adverse effects contained in cigarette smoke for the immune system. There are several risk factors for cervical dysplasia associated with the
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